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Chandrabadani Devi

Chandrabadani is a mountain (2,277m above sea-level). On the border of tahsil Devaprayag and Pratapnagar is the well known temple of Chandrabadni Devi, lying at the top of the mountain about 10 km. north of Kandi Khal ( a place on the Devaprayag-Kirti Nagar metalled road).[1]

In Indian mythology[edit]

The legend says that the torso of Sati fell here and her weapons got scattered all around the place. Thus, even today huge number of iron trishuls (tridents) and some old statues can be seen lying around the revered temple of Chandrabadani.


The place commands a beautiful view of the Surkanda, Kedarnath and Badrinath peaks. The temple is very small and contains a Shri-yantra carved out on a flat stone instead of any idol. Traditionally, a cloth canopy is tied to the ceiling over this Shri-yantra once a year and the Brahmana priest doing it has to do it blind-folded.


By road, one can reach Jamnikhal which is about 31km from devprayag by road   and 109 km. from Narendra Nagar. From Jamnikhal it is a 7 km   plus one km walk uphill to Chandrabadani Temple. Nearest railhead is at Rishikesh and nearest airport is Jolly Grant of Dehradun.[2]


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