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clock tower

The Clock Tower in Dehradun is the most renowned landmark of the city. The Clock Tower in Dehradun is the largest non-chiming six faced clock today. The Clock Tower has six faces and is the unique structure of this kind in the Asian continent. The Clock Tower was built before independence. But the clocks of the tower does not function at present. It had been so, for the last few years. 

The Clock Tower in Dehradun is located on the Rajpur road, and encircled by the city's commercial center. The concept of Clock Tower started in the ancient Roman period. Apart from India, the Clock Towers were seen in medieval China and other places in Europe and America. 

The Clock Tower of Dehradun is the most aesthetic structure in the city. The Clock Tower can be seen from a distance. Previously, the chime of the clock was audible from distant places of the hill city. But now the Clock Tower of Dehradun is nothing but an important landmark of the city around which you will find shopping complex, important institutions, renowned schools, government buildings, tourists spots and some eminent hotels and more. 

The Clock Tower at Dehradun is for the most part admired for its aesthetics, which formerly served an important purpose in the hill town. Apart from the the Clock Tower of Dehradun, the other 3 notable Clock Towers are the Big Ben of the Palace of Westminster in London, the Spasskaya Tower of the Moscow Kremlin and the Rajabai Tower in Mumbai. 

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