Dehradun gearing up for Diwali

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Diwali is around the corner and just like the whole country our very own Dun is also succumbing to the festive fever. Slowly and steadily as the festival is approaching shops have started to be stocked up with lights and decorations. The festival of light as it’s fondly called Diwali is one of the most eagerly awaited and most passionately celebrated. People start to clean their homes and shops because as it is believed that on the night of Diwali, Goddess Lakshmi comes to her devotees but she returns if the place is not clean.  Different types of lighting begin to appear every year in the market.

Doon is no where behind in this fever. The fervor with which Doonites love spend to all the festivals and not only Diwali makes it even more exciting. In Doon, people of all religions and class celebrate this festival with equal enthusiasm. The best place to be during the time of Diwali is our very own Paltan Bazaar. When huge temporary shops are erected for crackers right in front of the Masjid. Shops of clothes are stuffed up with new and vibrant clothes .Special types of decorations and also the yummy food items.

Sweet shops such as Bengali, Kumars, Manchanda, Gupta sweets, Anandam, Ganpati sweets start making some of the most mouth watering sweets. From Bal Mithais to special Barfis, laddooos to ras gullas. Everything seems to be colored in the colors of Diwali. In Paltan Bazaar you can virtually find each and everything required for Diwali. Right from the Rangoli colors to Diyas, crackers and what not. But if you decide to give the crowded Paltan a miss you can find these things literally anywhere in the city. Firework shops can be seen lined up after Clock Tower as you go towards Rajpur Roads. Chinese light ladis are available at almost every second shop you see.
Big shopping places such as the Big Bazaar, Reliance Trendz, Vishal Mega Mart, Crossroads Mall, Pacific Mal, etc are also not untouched by the craze of this beautiful festival. All these big chains introduce attractive offers for shoppers to lighten their pockets and brighten their homes. Not even these big sellers but also the customers are more than delighted to shop big during this time. Huge sale of electronics such as TVs, Refrigerators, mobile phones happen during this time. With Diwali just round the corner we would like to urge all the Doonites to spend their festival in a green manner. Don’t use cracker. Use Diyas and candles. Make it a good festival for the environment as well.  Stay safe and Happy Diwali!


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