Rafting in Rishikesh picking up after Tourism breakdown due to flood in June 2013

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People in Uttarakhand feared till recently that the 16th June disaster caused by the floods had shattered the tourism which is the backbone of the state. But as a phoenix from ashes Rafting in Rishikesh has started to pick up. It has always been a favorite weekend gateway for  people residing in nearby cities. The maximum number of people come from Delhi/NCR. Rafting clubbed with riverside camping is a all time hit combination.

People offering these service are seeing a hope in this pick which they have noticed in the last couple of weeks.
 White water rafting is an adventure sport taking its name from the fact that it is usually practised on white or rough water. And the Ganga at Rishikesh, with its smattering of whirlpools and rapids, is considered one of the best rivers in the world for this activity. From September to June it draws a large number of tourists and earns the state Rs. 35-40 crore.
However, the Uttarakhand tourist department’s green signal notwithstanding, the refusal of the forest department to allow rafters to camp on the river banks, combined with the perception that the area is still not safe, has dampened much of the enthusiasm.
Shyam Singh Negi, who owns a travel company is quite happy now and with a  pleasant smile told us that ” Ab lagta hai kaam shuru ho jaega” (It seems like the business will start now). We hope and pray that his words come true.


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