Dehradun – No Longer A Small Town

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Dehradun, once a sleepy little town engulfed in a blanket of green forest tugged safely between the hills of Shivalik and Lower Himalayas. Today, Dun is a rapidly growing bustling city struggling to retain its green cover amongst rising malls and buildings.  The valley which was a couple of decades ago famous for its weather, greenery, fruits and people has seen some of the most shocking change. If you have not visited the city for past two decades then you might as well be prepared o get shocked at every step. Though there have been many changes but not all of it is negative.

Dehradun since being announced as the temporary capital of a new state called Uttaranchal and now Uttarakhand on 9th November 2000 has been the epicenter of all the activities in the state.  Development has been happening rapidly since then. Dehradun has probably gained the most out of this development. Many of the big companies have started investing in the city slowly making it a hub of jobs. On the other hand, Dehradun which was always known for his education became a favorite spot for students from all around the country. Dehradun has the highest literacy rate of 85.24%.

There have been many chains such as McDonalds, Subway and KFC which have come up in Doon. Now Doonites have the access to malls such as the Paciific Mall where all the world class brands are available which earlier was not such an easy thing. Multiplexes have come up which give the diehard movie lovers of Doon a delight of Cinema and a relief from Dubbed Hollywood Movies and late releases. The level of public infrastructure has also change many folds. Earlier Doon was a small town and thus had small roads and an infrastructure only suitable for small and local businesses whereas today Doon is capable of hosting big opportunities for Big business ideas.

Doon has also recently been a home for big national and multinational companies’ ventures . The IT park at Sahastradhara Road is an example of how much companies are interested to invest into this city creating job opportunities for youngsters of Doon in return.  Talking of investment, it seems that when one lives in Doon he never wants to leave the city. Cashing on this many big building companies such as Reliance, Parsavnath and Unison group have been coming up with huge Commercial and Residential projects in the city.

Rapidly Dehradun is becoming a big hub for jobs and education in the country and one must has to say that though a lot has changed but not everything is a loss.
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