Esha, Mrs.India Worldwide 2012 Finalist – Gem from Uttarakhand

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Esha, Mrs.India Worldwide 2012 Finalist - Gem from Uttarakhand

Big stage, thousands of audience and one grand title of “Mrs. India Worldwide 2012”. Twenty selected contestants from all over India and other continents. It just can’t get bigger than this. ‘Esha Tewari Pande’, a Kumauni girl from Almora, Uttarakhand stepped in and conquered. Without any prior modelling experience, she not only ranked among the top five finalists but she also won the sub title of “Mrs. Beautiful Hair”. She is a popular face today with numbers of modelling assignments in her kitty and a huge recognition.
Looking back at her journey to stardom, Esha feels like it’s a dream that she is living right now. Being brought up in a small town of Muradnagar, Ghaziabad; she had the most loving, caring and supportive family ever. As a student this multi-talented girl already showed her knack in dancing, singing , acting, debate, quiz and fashion shows. “In spite of all the activities she always managed good grades” , her proud father comments. Esha is also a trained classical singer and a MBA in Human Resources. “Singing is my first love. I wanted to be a singer from childhood,” She smiles. No wonder that her singing videos are so popular in internet portals.
You can listen to some of her songs on her Youtube channel.
Esha got married pretty early in her career and wasn’t really prepared for it. “I wasn’t sure about marriage but when I met Anshu, I decided to go for it.” After marriage her life and career was perfect with an offer from a multinational and a loving husband. Esha settled down for a bit till she and Anshu had a fatal accident on 2011. Both of them were seriously injured and Esha took a long time to come out of the trauma. Today she looks it as a life changing event for her. “Suddenly being close to death I realized the importance of life. I want to go for all my dreams today because you don’t know what may happen tomorrow.” With this new energy Esha was never going to stop.
She saw the “Mrs. India Worldwide” ad on internet and applied casually. She laughs, “I thought, I didn’t stand a chance without any modelling experience. But as always I wanted to give my best shot.” This poised girl dedicates her success to her parents, husband and in-laws. She has a special connection to Uttarakhand as her in-laws also belong to Haldwani. “Family support matters a lot during difficult times and tough decisions. I am lucky to have this support,” she comments. Esha calls out all the small town girls to dream big and believe in yourself. “If I can do it, you can too. I strongly believe that girls should not be limited to kitchen. There is a big world out there to live your dreams. Follow your heart as we have only one life.”
Being asked about life after the pageant she laughs, “It’s insane. It feels so good when people recognise you with a title and invite you in events as a judge or a chief guest. I feel honoured to represent Uttrakhand everywhere after winning the title. No doubt ‘Mrs. India Worldwide 2012’ is a very good platform for married women who wants to enter in glamour world.” She wants to be an actor next. “I’m the biggest fan of Madhuri Dixit. She is my idol,” Esha giggles, ”I’m looking for acting assignments and follow her footsteps.”
This gifted girl has way to go and she is full of self-confidence to achieve it all, “Esha means ‘desire’ in Sanskrit. I desire to win the hearts of billions. That’s what my dream is.” She concludes. Esha has already won many hearts when she has just started her journey. With the talent, confidence, dedication and sincerity that she owns, we can positively say – The show has just begun. The sky is the limit for her.
You can connect with Esha on Facebook and Twitter.


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