Dehradun to Kanatal: How to reach Kanatal from Dehradun by road

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Kanatal is a lesser-known tourist destination in Uttarakhand, a little hamlet with an abundance of natural beauty and a wonderful view of snow covered hills and lush green forests. Kanatal is famous in limited circles for its luxury hotels and its adventure camps, making it one of those destinations which has not yet been ravaged by high number of tourists. Its untouched beauty, the serenity it offers, and its close distance to the capital of the state, Dehradun, make it an ideal destination to travel to.
Kanatal lies at a distance of 80 kilometres from Dehradun, taking around 3 hours to reach by car, and 4-5 hours by bus. A number of local buses run from Dehradun’s ISBT to Kanatal, and taxis can be hired from Dehradun to Kanatal. Kanatal lies at a distance of about 38 kilometres from Mussoorie, and the route to be followed is the Dehradun-Mussoorie route.
Start off the journey from Rajpur Road and Mussoorie road to Jharipani, at a distance of 22 kilometers. After reaching New Bypass road, drive straight down to Mussoorie, 14 kilometers ahead. From Mussoorie, take the Tehri Road near Suakholi, and follow it 13 kilometres until you reach Dhanaulti. You can take a short break at Dhanaulti for rest and supplies as various shops line the streets there, or you can continue on the same road towards Kanatal for another 18 kilometres, until you finally reach your destination


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