Nandadevi Rajjaat Yatra

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The three week long Nandadevi Rajjaat is one of the world popular celebration of Uttaranchal. Individuals from whole Garhwal-Kumaon and in addition different parts of India and the world take an interest in Nandadevi Raj Jat Yatra.

Goddess Nanda Devi is adored at many spots in Kumaon, however the district around Mt. Nanda Devi and its haven, which falls in the regions of Pithoragarh, Almora and Chamoli, is the prime territory identified with Nanda Devi. In Chamoli Nanda Devi Rajjaat is sorted out once in 12 years. The jaat begins from Nauti town close Karnprayag and goes upto the statures of Roopkund and Haemkund with a four horned sheep. After the havan-yagna is over, the sheep is liberated with enhanced adornments, sustenance and clothings and alternate offerings are dischared. Individuals additionally praise the yearly Nanda jaat.

In spite of the fact that in the Johar locale there is no convention of Nanda Rajjaat however the love, move and the custom of gathering Brahmkamals (it is called Kaul Kamphu) is a piece of Nanda celebrations.

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