Social Welfare Services in Dehradun

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The government of the newly formed state of Uttarakhand ensures that along with the state, the citizens of Uttarakhand are also developing. Besides the government, there are a few Non Government Organizations (NGO) in the city as well, who genuinely work towards the betterment of the city.

The charitable organizations and institutions in Dehradun play an important role on a wide range of causes that commonly include education for poor children, women and child development, environment conservation, legal awareness, old age homes, health education, rural development, forest development, natural resource management and many other causes. The NGOs in Dehradun work day and night to solve different causes and issues. All of them act as a team to form a caring and progressive society in the city.

Orphanages in Dehradun

Orphanages usually take care of children who have either lost their parents or, they are unwilling or unable to take care of them. They provide food, shelter, education and other basic facilities to the children. Some orphanages in Dehradun even hire professionals like nurses, teachers and others to take good care of these children. One such orphanage is Analisa Children Home whose aim is to provide and support the homeless children of Dehradun.

Old Age Homes in Dehradun

Old Age Homes generally prove to be the best place to senior people who have nobody to look after them. Dehradun old age homes provide a safe and secure environment for senior citizens so that they can live the rest of their life that is full of fun, wellness and socially gratifying along with a healthy and convenient lifestyle. Some old age homes in Dehradun include Antara Senior Living, Prem Dham and YWCA.


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