Planning a road trip with your pets? Here’s your manual for a safe yet fun trip!

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Taking a road trip with your pet? Are you prepared for the journey? Well, here are some points that will certainly help you to be well-prepared while traveling with pets. Make sure you adhere to each of these points to have a safe road trip!

1. Put them in the back seat

It’s extremely essential to keep your pet in the correct seat of your car. Why, you ask? Well, a pet in the front seat could cause distraction. Hence, put your pet in the backseat.

2. Keep them restrained (as much as you may hate it)

Most pet parents will agree that they hate restraining their pets. But remember that, this is for their safety! Pet seat belts, pet carriers, pet travel crates, pet car seats are some of the things that will prove useful.

3. Keep the windows shut

As much as you might like it when your dog sticks out his/her head out of your car’s window, to enjoy the wind, it’s not safe. A flying object could hit him and he might panic, making the situation chaotic. So, it’s best to keep the windows shut. And your cat might just leap out of the window! Certainly unsafe!

4. Make sure your pet is tagged, collared and leashed!

This is very important. A leash helps to get a hold on the pet easily. A tag and a collar will help others identify the animal as someone’s pet (in case you lose your pet), and get in touch with the owner.

5. A well-hydrated pet is a happy pet

Give enough water to your pet, as they will need it. A road trip isn’t as fun to a pet as it might be to you.

6. Give your pet enough food

A well-fed tummy will be less cranky. So feed your pet at regular intervals.

7. Frequent pit stops are a must!

Halt at regular intervals and take your pet out for a walk. They need bathroom and exercise breaks as much as you do.

8. Don’t leave your pet alone at any point of time!

No matter what you have to do, don’t leave your pet unattended in the car. You car can heat up or a pet thief might steal your pet. We are sure you don’t want anything of that sort to happen to you pet!


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