Dehradun – Virasat Dehradun 2014

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Virasat Dehradun 2014. We, the people of Doon are always known to be very protective and proud of our heritage. We would boast and brag about it because we are proud of it. So what would be more fitting name for our festival than Virasat! Virasat is by the way the Hindi translation for the word heritage. Yes, Virasat where we get the opportunity to show-off our heritage and invite some of the biggest names of the country to showcase theirs. By big I mean giants of the Cultural Arts in the country. Started in 1995, it was a venture of REACH (Rural Entrepreneurship Act & Cultural Heritage).Virasat is organized by Spic Macay.

Earlier hosted in St.Joseph’s Academy ground Virasat was shifted to a bigger ground at ONGC stadium. It has already been recognized as the biggest Afro-Asian cultural festival showcasing the talents of Small Scale and Handicraft Industry. But it’s not just another normal fair for shopping of goods and children rides. It has been a symbol of one of the biggest representation platform for the purest form of art and knowledge. Virasat for years now has been hosting some of the biggest names like Pandit Ravi Shankar, Sabri brothers, Gulzar, Tom Alter, Jagjit Singh, Hari Haran , Kavita Krishnamurthy…can’t name all because the list goes way long. Virasat has been a celebration of the rich cultural heritage which India possesses. Different cultures and traditions bring with them their philosophies, legends, folk, and fashion which is on show here. Virasat is always held around the month of October around the festival of Lights Diwali and lasts for about a fortnight. Some of the most awesome pottery, carpets, and handicrafts from the country can be found here. From extravagant furniture to amazing diyas!! Ethnic Kashmiri shawls to Banarasi Sarees. Everything completely authentic made by our talented citizens of India and not machines. The aura and ambience of this fair would give you a feel of Heritage.
Being from Doon it was always a very exciting thing. Virasat has always been the most-awaited event by Doonites simply for the rich cultural diversity it provides at one place along with the astounding music by the legends themselves and also the breath-taking dramatics by some of the finest actors of the country. Virasat has always been a bridge which covers the gap which has been created between materialism and culture of the society. Catching the eye-balls of the whole world and portraying our culture to the world has been the sole purpose of this festival and may I say that Virasat has been extremely successful in keeping us associated with our culture and heritage.


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