Raghav Juyal aka Crocroaxz – The Proud Of Doon

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Well, he is a national phenomenon. A dancer who took the nation by storm. Nicknamed as Crockroaxz, he is said to develop his famous dance move on the Creepiness of a Cockroach and power of a Crocodile. You all have figured him out by now for sure. So yeah this time we are throwing light on one of Doon’s most successful lad – Raghav Juyal. The inventor or I should say an innovator of The Slow Motion Walk. Born and brought up in Doon, Raghav initially started dancing with his team known as D-Maniax. He along with his group did many dance performs in the city and got fairly popular before they participated in Chak Dhoom Dhoom Season 2 Team Challenge.

Later on he came back solo on Dance India Dance season 3 auditions. Though he was selected at first

audition. He was not selected for top 18 by the Grand Master Mithun Chakraborthy. But due to a high audience demand the show had to make a change in their format and Raghav was called back as a Wild Card into the show. Famous for his unique style of Slow motion dancing got Raghav instantly famous all around the country. Even the Judges of the show Terence Lewis, Geeta Kapoor and Remo D’Souza have publicly stated that they have never seen anyone else carry out slow motion walk the way he does and what more shocking is that Raghav was never professionally trained in any type of dancing.

Born to Advocate Deepak Juyal and Mrs Alka Bakshi Juyal a teacher at ST Joseph’s Academy, Raghav also has a younger brother named Yashasvi Juyal who is also studying in SJA. Raghav had studied in Doon International School and has always been an avid dancer. Mostly he has picked up all this from television and movies as he has acquired any formal education of dancing. He has also pursued his Bachelor’s of Commerce Degree from Dav PG College Dehradun. After being the runners-up in the show Raghav later on became the skipper in DID Li’L Masters season 2. His team was named Raghav ke Rockstars. He had trained  Saumya Rai and  Rohan Parkale. Both of them later on went to be the three finalist in the show. He then also became choreographer for Dance Ke Superkids in which he was the captain of his season 2 team named Yahoo who competed against season 1 team Wakao which was captained by Dharmesh Yelande.  During this show even Farah Khan deemed him as the Wonder of the World.

He will be also seen in his Bollywood movie  very soon.


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