Sameer Sharma aka Sam – Taking Tattoo art to the next level in Dehradun

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Tattoo art is slowly picking up in Dehradun, and the credit goes to the young talented artists who have introduced as well as taking it to the next level. One such artist is Sameer Sharma, who will be the first person from Uttarakhand to participate in this year’s INK IT CONVENTION in Kolkata scheduled for 15th and 16th August 2013.

Sameer aka Sam is a professional Tattoo Artist and Body Piercer. Sam is into this profession since many years. He did his Tattoo training course from Thailand and is certified into History, Traditions, Art Technique(Design,Drawing,Flash), Aseptic Techinque, Sterilization, Operational Technique And Aftercare. Machine Construction & Adjustment Outlining/ Shading/ Coloring Techniques Color Mixing as well as Theory Practical Lab.
In an exclusive interview with Dehradun Live, Sam shared some secrets and his journey of becoming a Tattoo professional.
DL – When did you first came to know about the tattoo art and how?
Sam – About tattoos i came to know in 2008 through internet. As i was good in sketching during my school days at Scholars Home, so went ahead in exploring the same.
DL – Who is your role model when you think of tattoo art? Tell something about your role model.
Sam – Well my role model is my teacher KANTHIMA from TATTOO SCHOOL THAILAND. I learnt this art from her and got certified. (To know more about Kanthima –
DL – When did the idea of starting a tattoo business in Dehradun struck you?
Sam – I started my business of tattoos in December 2009 in Dehradun.
DL – A lot of people think that tattoo is not good for skin and body. Is it true? What would you like to tell to the people who think so.
Sam – Its nothing like that. Tattoos are something which people wear to make themselves attractive and unique. Tattoos are symbolic and always had some meaning related to them. They decorates one’s body. But one should always get them done from a professional tattoo artist. There is a great misconception that tattoos are not good for skin. All the things we use in doing tattoos are sterilized, which come packed from U.S.A. The INK that we use are basically herbal pigments which are tested and comes with an expiry date.
To know more about Sam you can like his fan page or visit his website –


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