Watch As Arjun Menon Tells You How Travel Will Change Your Life

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“Memories are stories we keep telling ourself again and again”, says Travel Photographer Arjun Menon as he talks about how he realized he was sitting on a Goldmine living in a country as beautiful as India.
Being an Army kid, he studied in 13 schools in 12 years, travelling to different parts of the country throughout his life. On the completion of his education, he decided to do the things that he loved, Travel and Photography. Having made this decision, he stayed across 20 states in 6 months. He says that, “Solo Travel is not solo travel but Social Travel”.
Having jumped into a frozen lake, Arjun is one photographer who has not left a stone unturned in the process of capturing the country at its finest.
Watch as he tells you how travel changed his life and how it will change yours.
As he concludes, let’s always remember, “Life is out there and it’ll pass you by. You have to open up your eyes. Get out there and Explore”
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